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Wicked Willy Beach Bash

Many Many thanks for your support. Next year we'll see you again!

Date: 7th May, 2011 12pm til late! DIARISE IT!
The Chilly Willy Beach Bash (ex Chilly Willy) is a one night beach party organised by the Highway Dragons. The event will be held this year at The ISIPINGO SKI BOAT CLUB, Reunion Beach, Isipingo, Durban. The Jol is open to anybody who would like to attend  and a dam good party is normally had by all. With some slightly cheeky games! 
Bring your tent for a one nighter, we've been told we can camp on the beach.
There are some good prizes up for grabs. Come and have a Party of Note. Either dance all nite, chill by the Bonfire, skinny dip in the Indian Ocean or play games,but enjoying yourselves is the main priority.
Grub is reasonable and the pub is plentiful and cheap- let's drink it dry! 
Badges available! First come, first gets!
 Music and a long late night! Come join us - why don't you?
The Recce Military Base - what can I say - the SADF decided at the last minute to Cancel the venue and we had to find another venue in a hurry.
So Sorry guys - but they won't budge. We're sure you'll be happy with this venue tho. Cont: Jo 0726485572

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