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The Fallen

( Clyde from The Syndicate forwarded this Biker
prayer to us all):  

Dear Lord, as I get ready to get on my bike and
prepare to ride,
Just let me feel Your presence with me riding side
by side.
Let us feel the wind together blowing across our face,
Don't let me fail to see and smell the nature around me
as I ride from place to place.  

Keep me safe from harm and let the other drivers see
me as I ride by,
And every once in awhile even though I'm a biker let
them say, "Hi".
Keep me alert and always watching for others,
Don't let me ever fail to stop and help out one of my
sisters or brothers.  
And when my time on earth is up and it's time for me to
take that ride in the sky,
Just give me a chance to tell everyone I love them and
don't forget me when I die.
Lord, Thank You for letting me be a biker and doing
what I loved the best,
For the many kay’s I’ve traveled, before I finally came
to rest.
Please accept from Think Bike our sincere condolences for
all of those that are suffering at this time.
As a family we know how it feels for families and friends of
those that have passed on, and those that are hurt.
Most studies reveal that there is another vehicle involved
in motorcycle accidents and that there is usually a moving
violation just before the accident.
Please be extra vigilant, as you have to ride for yourself and
Think for everyone else.
Remember that the excuse of "I DID NOT SEE YOU" is
still accepted as being a valid excuse.
A small dent in a car could be catastrophic for a biker.
Paul Young.

Jessica-clair Van Heerden: The Original Saddle Tramps MC. Plettenburg Bay. 9th January, 2013. Cancer
Reggie: Crusaders MC Durban - 2012 - Cancer
Mike Mitten:  OSBM - 2012. Cancer
TOMMY SPOWART - passed away 19/7/08
Warren: Phantom Riders: 7 July 2008: 18 years old!
Gone but not forgotton-
 Willie Voges: 5 July 2008: Stingers - Bike accident -
Gone from this world and onto the next.
 YVONNE DU PLESSIS (BOKKIE)  Thumper Club, Durban,
Saturday 6th July, 2008. Tragic Bike Accident.
Selwyn: Chosen Ones:
East Rand : Passed away - prolonged illness.
 Johan “Smokey Joe” Erasmus: Passed away
Jakes: Demons: 6 July 2008. Friday 11 July 2008: 
Gone to higher highways.
Barries : Centurions:   29 Junie 2008. 
Cassie: Ghost Riders East Rand : 6 June 2008:
Tragically passed away. Bike Accident
Death of a fellow biker.  (28th May) 19 year old Adriaan Botha  - Bike Accident
Copy n Paste this and chjeck it out. Wake Up Call Guys. Sent in by Pete - Highway Riders.
Conrad Riley,  - MACS Durban, tragically died - Bike Accident.  
Dougie Homan: Dougie Homan family and friends. Bike Accident
Steve Williams: President Bats MCC . Bike Accident        
George James: President Imprisoned Riders:    Bike Accident    
Louw Lotter: CMA Racing: Bike Accident
Mr. H. - Prolonged illness.
Gavin Higgs: Chicken Outfit: 9 May 2008: Bike Accident 
 on the Long Tom Pass.
Jan Berg - Mohawks -  Bike Accident
Scottish Dave Ace Out MC (Durban) Fatal motorbike accident 
10th May,2008 on the M7.
Mandla: Task Force Rydaz: 7 May 2008:   Died - Worst bike accident seen in years.
Theuns Goosen: Wheels in the Sky: 11 May 2008:    Died in a Bike Accident

Gary Peterson (Brother of Dave Peterson): 20 April 2009:
Raymond Whatrich:



26 March 2010 Nick Olivier from the Biker Boys brutally murdered  


Robert Glanz from R.G Motorcycles Died 7th February, 2010
CHRIS EMERY: Tragic motorbike accident.  29th November, 2009. RIP
Hannes Goosen: 28 June 2009:
Cimarron MC Pretoria:
Henco (Angel): Gypsy Jokers: 20 September 2008:
Tubs Kruger: Ulysses
Pretoria : 18 September 2008:  
Mike: Hells Angels Jo'burg: 20 September, 2008: 
One of our brothers, Mike - Hells Angels Jo'burg, AFFA.
Andreas: Ulysses West
Rand  June 2008
Richard Gibbs (K Dog): Forgotten Soldiers
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