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General Club Notices

Hi All
We have had so many Biker deaths and accidents this year and the excuse has been ‘I didn’t see you” doesn’t do it for me any longer. We need the motoring public to be more aware of us on the roads.
Just a few thoughts and ideas to consider. Just wanted to share. And if you can add to this please do so! And let me know by email madhatter@highwaydragonsmc.co.za please.
Please have a safe riding weekend wherever you may go
Stay Upright and Lean Into the Bends
To introduce Biker Awareness to the motoring public.
Organise a MASS RIDE for Bike Awareness from A to B, a few during the year. (1 every 6 months). All wearing reflective jackets!
Orderly Mass Ride with Metro in attendance. Perhaps getting the Minister of Transport in the Province involved. Handing over a Petition to the Mayor etc. Contact Media. Do it right! The first time and very right the 2nd time!
b)    Contact BIKERS LAW regarding free legal aid/ attorneys etc., all around the
country. Their Slogan: “You take our bike – we take your house!” And I do believe it works too.
Those that have lost bikes and over run their medical could have got it all back and then some. Nominal fee is something like R20 a month which is nothing. Maybe 2 beers a month – worth it?

Contact: Meet up with the Tow Truck Associations / Taxi Associations – have a meeting with these guys – come to some conclusion regarding these terrible accidents due to poor driving abilities etc. But let’s do thi

Contact: RTI & Metro: Re: Road Works, clearing up after accidents; Diesel spillages, armcor barriers, Road Markings  etc. Approach Minister of Transport too.  (And if you don’t know what I’m talking about here – please contact me on madhatter@highwaydragonsmc.co.za)

 Licenses: Age groups – from 16 to 18 400cc – 600cc or something like that.
Licenses should be issued depending on your skills.
Suggestion – Learners 125 to 250cc 18 years and upwards. Advance riding get’s you a 650 to 1000cc license with an age restriction or a strict competency test, and the next level would be a 1300/1400cc and so on.  They have already implemented something similar tothis in the UK and it’s very successful.

 Dealers (Controversial)
Licenses and ID’s should be presented when buying a bike for CASH. Make it compulsory! Also the new bike owner has to fit the criteria as above e)  Otherwise they, the new owner or the Dealer, can’t register the bike!

 Rider Training: Most of you have been biking for a great many years and you say ‘ What do I need further training for? Well in ‘those’ days the bike you rode wasn’t as fast, lucky if you got to 250, didn’t have all the bells n whistles it has today, was heavier, wasn’t as easy to maneouver!
Now most of you have all the new technology, fly by wire is almost a thing of the past and you can forget doing repairs on the side of the road!
If you’re doing 250+ and you had to stop – could you? Advance training could assist you in saving your life in a split secondif necessary.
We all know that swinging a leg over the saddle is easy, we don’t actually do any ‘training’ on the road, like emergency stops, braking, swerving, lifting up the bike in a bend, looking for the escape route and many more skills.  Getting there ‘first’ isn’t a skill!
…..things change over the years but us bikers seem to be set on sticking to the old ways with our old bike attitude on our newer steeds.
Of course we can learn something new, old dogs can learn new tricks!
Set the example or standard to the youngsters – they’ll look up to you only until you fall, let’s not meet the tar by accident.

Promote the right riding gear
Wear the right riding gear ATGATT! (All The Gear All The Time) Shorts, Slops and T-shirt just doesn’t do it,  especially after a fall and the medical team have to dig out all the mess from open, raw wounds, use a hard brush to get the gravel out from under the skin with NO anesthetic!
Buying a bike 130K + And R500 helmet! (Or someone’s spare) Does that sound right? Surely a good effective helmet should be on that equipment list?
Helmets only have a life span of 1 drop oraccident or 5 years whichever comes first!

   Finally: It should be compulsoryfor a biker to wear a reflective jacket! The motorist has taken away our advantage on the road to be ‘seen’ by switching on their head lights during the day! Headlights on during the day was for funerals, not common use as we see today.
i)        Club colours can still be worn / sewn to the reflective jacket.
ii)      What cost your life as opposed to a reflective jacket? Is your skin worth maybe R50, R300? Life is not cheap.
iii)    As a car guard you can make money while waiting for your club mates – goes towards beer or fuel!

ADDITIONAL Added 11th March.
All potential Motorists (and most people want to drive) should learn to ride a scooter or motorbike for at least 1 year as part of their license for a motor car. I find motorcyclists are more observant motorists and have quicker reflexes when on the road.

Approach Schools: Our Cradle of prospective bikers for tomorrow ! Also potential motorists! Education is the key! Show and Tell ! 30 minutes of hard core bikers, their bonies and pics and video of some nasty impacts! They dig stuff like that. If they watch gory movies  on TV they can surely see it for real in the Show n Tell. Move into the crowd let them ask you questions, answer them honestly and stick to the subject. Bike Awareness and Safety!
(If they ask how fast you ride tell them and then add…. but if you have an accident at that speed….and the rest of the answer if up to you)
At all times – behave! No swearing, fighting, rudeness. Tall order but in order to be taken seriously it’s got to be done.

Reply to the above Demitri Friend 
I agree, this is a good start. This must be orchestrated on a national level.
The various PC’s have an alliance, so this can be run through the PC’s with National Traffic input.
I agree about bring this situation to the attention of  the motorists but it must also be brought home to the biking public at large.
Ride it like you stole it and other similar slogans should be removed from our vocabulary, drinking and driving is an issue. If you caught and you’re over the limit tuff, you do the time no legal wrangling to get you free.
The dealers should be educated at large, all they are worried about is sales figures.
Simon Fourie and Phil Joffe of Bike SA should be brought on board with their journalistic skills.
Clubs should arrange briefing seminars where they are briefed by organisers of this initiative.
OK this sounds like political jargon, but plan and set a white paper and apply in here in KZN. The other provinces see how effective we are and they will follow, your sentiments are shared by many.

Dear Jo & Les
Thank you for your generous donation . People like you have made it possible for us to take a lot of the financial worries off  Des Pistorius’s mind, and allow for him to focus on his recovery .
As you know Ulysses Durban, John MacManus from VMax Pub and Grill, supported by The Thumpers MC ,  held an afternoon of live Bands, Food stall’s auctions and raffles on Saturday the 3 April.
The response was overwhelming and the provisional takings exceeded our wildest expectations.
Once again a BIG thank You, (and or Organisation) for your contribution, in making this possible.

 Les Timlin
OBO The Fund Raising committee.

The Blood Group metal badge is a life saver when you need it most. Money
raised by the sale of these metal badges will  be put in a Trust Fund.  Ferdi can be contacted on maxilla@aerosat.co.za or phone him on 0723051241 .

The Bad Bunch Team

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Slower Ride's for Slower Rider's
KZN has some of the best road in the country to enjoy our bikes
If you looking for a  slightly slower and relaxed ride,
a  flip  up or down the coast,  a breakfast run, or just to get the wind into your hair a tad     SLOWER..................
then together we can make this happen
Please send us an sms or call 0837016762 or send an email  dunrite@mweb.co.za

The Dragon Rally 2009 in WALES, UK.
This Dragon Rally is approximately 50 yars old now. Started off with 3000 entrants and now tops the 10,000 mark - not bad if you consider it's held in the middle of Winter, February to be exact. This particular link shows a good day!
Generally it's waist height in Snow! Global Warning seems to have affected even there. 
To view the video,  cut or paste this link:

Hey there, I stay on the N14 in Centurion and watched the kings of the motorcycle world at work yesterday. A group of about 20 Harley Sunday cruisers with full marshalling hold up all the traffic even bring the highway to a stand still while they cruised in the fast lane at 100km, they do not allow any traffic to go past them or even interfere with the path of travel, THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY MOTORISTS HAVE NO RESPECT FOR US BIKERS. I take offence at the notion that they are above the law and think they are better than the rest of us. Come on guys let’s all play pretty and change the mindset of the motorist, that way we all stay happy. Kind regards, Dudley, President – Tribal Hunters
Story of the Travelling Gnome
Last heard of in Sweden...........any updates anyone?  

Chapter 1
2 intrepid bikers went of to US of A for a Gold Wing holiday of 3000 kms, whilst there they were handed the 'Travelling Gnome' from the Gold Wingers Club USA with the understanding that they would re-home him in South Africa and that he would continually be re-homed, photographed with whoever had him and travel on some more. 
Whether he'll ever get back to the States is another question.
So Gold Wingers Edwin and Janet brought him home and after many stops along the way was handed over to Highway Dragons Durban, Jo Boes. He's been to Lions Club meetings, Bike meets, down to the Durban harbor, braais and Radio Ham Meets. He's seen some wonderful sights! 
Roland came to visit from Germany and would be leaving in a week or so and agreed to take the 'Travelling Gnome' with him and to pass him on there. Roland is also a member of the Gold Wingers club in Europe.
In the USA, the Gold Wing Club introduced the Travelling Gnome just for the fun of it. This Gnome is the 1st to leave the states.
All the pic's of the gnome are sent to the website www. floydweb.com 
On Friday, 17th October, 2008 the Garden Gnome was handed over to Roland where he will start his next journey. 
Next Chapter: The Travelling Gnome is now in Europe and has travelled to just about every country there, visited every pub, joll and rally too no doubt. I doubt he wants to go back to the States now!
Next Country - SWEDEN!

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