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Controversial Corner

The government act that wants to ban Parrell bikes!!!!.

"When buying a bike there are two streams. That of the bonafide 1st owner bike shop and that of the slightly used bike.
Bonafide bike shop bikes come into the country brand new and with all the paper work you would want, there is zilche mileage and everything working as it should.
Parallel bikes are for us Ou's who watch our cents and change. They are bikes that are low mileaged (sometimes trial or promo bikes) they may have been riden to hell or not.
Now the goverment wants to ban any bike that does not come in on a full test score. Which means these promo bikes fail. The failing of these bikes leads to them being banned, this in turn leads to loss of income and expensive bikes. It is further compounded by the loss of jobs right from importation to the Ou who panelbeats them and resprays.
How do we deal with this?
1. Stand up and say NO!!. Sign the petition - http ://tinyurl . com/petition-gove
2. Tell your friends
3. Suggest solutions see http://groupspaces.com/Bikers/emails/337145

Hey Guys,
Not sure if the below info is correct but if it is, it is going to impact on my business and therefore your businesses in a big way. My question is: If I have ten bikes on board and one of those bikes has an eTag, I then traverse Gauteng dropping off and collecting bikes before I make the final delivery of the eTag bike. How many times did I pass through an eToll and how much therefore, is the client going to pay when his bike wasn’t even on the road?  
Next trip leaves Cape Town on Tuesday up to Durban and JHB. Back to Cape town on Friday. 
Kind Regards. 
Peter Baker 0799097926
Web site: BikeRnR. Skype: peter.baker1490 Face Book: www.facebook.com/BuelliganSA/bikernr
Saw this whilst trolling the Web - thought - What a good idea - why doesn't South Africa implement this? How many of  you have known, heard, seen accidents with young adults killing themselves cus they can't handle the bigger bikes? Ask yourself this - would you allow your kid to ride a bike that was far too big for him without the necessary training involved? and I think this 3rd Driving Licence would prevent a lot of these so called bike accidents - nip it in the bud so to speak. Just saying!
3DLD (Third Driving Licence Directive)  (UK)
Campaigns > 3DLD (the Third Driving License Directive)
The new Driving Licence Directive 3DLD will be implemented from the 19th January 2013, which will affect both members of the public and the motorcycle industry. This is not retrospective, so anyone currently holding a licence will not be affected, but it will impact the ages at which future young riders can access certain machines and motorcycle trainers may need to purchase new vehicles to meet the new minimum test vehicle specifications.
3DLD is European legislation, aimed to encourage those who begin motorcycling at 16 to take a series of tests as they progress to bigger bikes and also to delay the age at which young riders can access larger bikes.
As well as changes which come into force in January, additional specifications to test vehicles were scheduled to be implemented on 31st December 2013, although a recent announcement by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) have secured a postponement for those affecting category A tests until 2018.
However, a change to the A2 test is still due to be introduced December 31st 2013, reducing the minimum testing vehicle from 25 kW to 20 kW, which may be preferable to some riders.
In 2018 (subject to EU approval) there is a proposed increase in the size of bikes for category A tests – raised to a minimum of 50 kW (67.1 BHP) and with a minimum mass weight of 180kg. It is currently 35kW (46.6BHP) but rises to one of at least 40kW (53.6 BHP) from January 19th 2013.
The changes to the category A test were originally due to come into force at the end of December 2013, but these were not supported by the Department for Transport (DfT), DSA or the motorcycle industry, who have together managed to negotiate a five year delay.
The main 3DLD changes, as advised below, are unaffected by all this and these will come into force on January 19th 2013.
In brief the agreed changes to be introduced 19th January 2013 are:
Mopeds must not be faster than 28 mph (or 50 km/h) but as all new mopeds already comply with this it should not be a problem.
  • 17 year olds will no longer be able to access bikes in the A2 category; minimum age rises to 19.
  • 19 year olds will no longer be able to ride unrestricted bikes.
  • It will no longer be possible to automatically move to an unrestricted bike two years from taking an A2 license - without first taking a practical test.
  • The new A2 category now includes bigger bikes, which may define a new ‘mid’ market for manufacturers.
  • The new minimum age for Direct Access rises from 21 to 24.
  • The minimum and maximum power output for testing vehicles changes for the practical A2 and A tests.
Additional changes, which come into force in Dec 2013:
Minimum test vehicle for category A2 licence (mid-range) expands to include bikes between 20 - 35kW (26.8 - 46.6 BHP).
  1. Additional changes, due to come into force in 2018 (subject to EU approval).
  2. Minimum testing vehicle for category A license (unrestricted) rises to at least 50 kW (67.1 BHP) and with a minimum mass weight of 180kg.
For more information from the DSA visit:
Hi Guys,  
While Bikers, Highway Dragons & MAWC all have impressive lists of Clubs listed on our Websites, unfortunately much of the details are outdated. ECCLA & PBC & WCMA seem to list only their Member Clubs. Bikeonline  & Bikers.org also have Extensive outdated details.
There are other Minor listings too, like BikeSA etc..  
New Clubs do not know where to look. They often check one or two of the the sites then go about starting a Club that is already registered on two of the other Sites.  
The Proposal is that there only be one Official place to Register your Club. This Register is a proper database where each club will have the rights to update their records regularly. I would like you Webmasters to have Admin rights for the Clubs affiliated to your Council. The website will mail Members, if their records have not been updated in the last 6 months asking if they still exist. Outdated records will not be displayed.  
All other sites are welcome to have a "Clubs" tab that points to this URL. Once this site is fully functional Associations will be mailed of "New Club Applications" and given ample time to oppose the Registering of a New Club, due to a Name Clash or outstanding issues with a Club they broke away from (criteria to be discussed).  
Please reply with your feelings on this initiative.  
Kind Regards  
Wayne van Doesburgh (aka NCC)
 MAWC : PRO 021 5922777

Never trust a cage driver, as there are only two types in existence:
1) Those who, for whatever reason, will fail to see me and therefore will
run into me.
2) Those who, for whatever reason, do see me and are aiming to run into me.
Stay well,
Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'
My close friends will tell you that I am not a person enamoured of children.  In general, even with my own, I prefer kids to be in their teens before I can relate to them. I hate being interrupted when I am busy working, or doing something that interests me. I really don't get it when kids can't do stuff for themselves and are constantly whining for help or attention.

But, having said the above, let me tell you that I love my own kids and I love some of the kids belonging to my friends. You can always tell the kids  I do like - I will go out of my way to pay attention to them and will chat with them and even - on those odd occasions when I have a brainstorm - play  with them.

And kids like me - don't have the foggiest idea why, but they do. Maybe it's like cats and dogs - who often go to the one person in a room full of people who truly don't like cats and dogs. But kids gravitate towards me . even strange ones - meaning unknown, not peculiar - although even those kind also want to spend time with me.

I have a friend who makes kids cry - I am not kidding - they see her and the tears start to form in their eyes and they start to yell out loud. So ok, I am not as bad as that.

So let's get down to brass tacks. There is a reason I've decided to put pen to paper now. I've been a prolific writer all my life, but the last couple of years I've been rather derelict. Or maybe it's just that inspiration dried up.

But not any longer. My brain has been fermenting and fomenting since  Saturday. I am finding I cannot shut up and ignore things anymore.

What is it with people who bring their kids to rallies? Bike rallies are rough and tough, dirty and rather low places. The alcohol flows, the language is so bad as to be completely in the realm of four letter words, there is a constant noise at levels way beyond what we are supposed to hear, the smell of burning tyres nauseates those who breathe too deeply, and the smoke from revving bikes drifts through the area like wraiths of ghostly mist.  I doubt most of the bikers actually bath, wash or even brush their teeth over the weekend -s o the smell of unwashed bodies tends to linger in the air as people stagger past you. And I forgot to mention the drugs .. Weed is so common half the bikers at these rallies are stoned just on the smoke.

The venues are often out of the way camping sites, or the local city council recreation centre. If there are ablutions, they leave a lot to be desired. This last weekend the ladies one was already running sewerage by 10am in the morning. Each time someone flushed, it spewed out of the manhole. You had to wade through it to get inside. I didn't notice a shower of any description and there appeared to be only cold water - not even running cold water - more like a trickling of dingy brown gunk.

Anyway, that is supposed to be another day's ranting. But it kind of sets the scene - well I hope so.

Add to this scene - lots of drunken bodies lying about, some even in their own vomit; women dancing about in the skimpiest of clothes; naked men and women (oh yeah - why do only the ugly ones strip?) riding around on their bikes; quads and pitbikes driving around all over the place (even though they are supposedly banned at most rallies) - and into this people bring their kids.

Kids of all ages - from the tiniest of babies still in prams to kids of 16. Worst is that the parents seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that their offspring are being exposed to behaviour that is licentious and out of control to say the least, never mind the germs and general disorder.

Surely any reasonable parent knows that kids respond to what they are shown and allowed by their parents. If you bring your kid to a rally and sit there smoking and drinking and in general behaving like a pig, then your kid is going to believe that is actually normal behaviour. If you let your kid run amok in amongst a bunch of bikers who are there to let down their hair and behave badly, then your kid is going to think that his bad behaviour is acceptable. He will also believe that drinking and smoking and drugging are cool and acceptable. And what about the tiny little baby I saw on Saturday.  Mummy was sitting on the grass letting the baby crawl around all over the place. Very little attention was being given to the poor little girl. She was at the age where everything goes into her mouth - cigarette ends, dirty
papers, grass that had been trampled on by about 3000 bikers and whatever else she could reach.  We happened to be sitting next to a bunch of men who are probably from a gang called the small penis MCC .. They were out to prove that the noisier they could rev the bike, the bigger their dick was!
The noise of bikes revving up and then these morons hitting the kill switch on and off was indescribable.  This little baby was about 5m away and I could see her wincing at the noise. But mum was too busy partying to pay any attention.

Then there was a couple of early teens - riding about on pit bikes - no helmets, not gloves, in fact half the time no t-shirt - and certainly NO CONTROL over the bikes they were riding. They were also not paying attention to anyone who might be in their way as they came screaming along like a bat out of hell! And where were their parents? For %^&'s sake, this is a RALLY,  not a baby sitting service!

If you have kids, the onus is on YOU to look after them. If you have kids, you are responsible for their upbringing and their wellbeing. If you cannot find a baby-sitter STAY AT HOME!!!!! They will be old enough one day - and sooner than you think, to be left alone while you attend this or that rally.

Remember that what you show them now they take as the way they should grow up. And if YOU think it's right for them to believe that what they saw at the weekend's rally is the way to be, then go to your doctor and get sterilized .. You DO NOT deserve to have kids and you should not be allowed to have those that you have already bred. Kids are our future - our hope of a good long life filled with peace and happiness and an old age that is graceful and full of joy. You are $%#$% with mine as well as yours!!!
From Blind Biker, Gauteng
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